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Here’s your chance to earn the kind of bragging rights you can hang your hat on for years: an opportunity to knock one of our esteemed fantasy football analysts out of a poker tournament, and win cash prizes along with it!

How can you be a part of the fun? By competing in the inaugural FantasyPros Poker Invitational on Thursday, June 25; it’s hosted by Global Poker, where you can purchase Gold Coins, compete in tournaments and redeem your winnings for cash prizes. Here are the details:Poker Contest DetailsNo Limit Texas Hold ‘Em tournamentThursday, June 25 at 8:00 p.M. ETBuy-in of 11 Sweep Coins (explained below)Bounties for knocking out FantasyPros analysts, including upgraded FantasyPros subscriptions or FantasyPros swagSweep Coins for tournament finalists and winners, which can be exchanged for cash prizes

Here’s how to get started on the Global Poker site and sign up for the FantasyPros Poker Invitational (and don’t worry, we have a video right below the directions that will walk you through it):1) Sign up for an account and purchase coins

Along with the Gold Coins you purchase, “Sweep Coins” are awarded as a bonus. And right now until June 21, Global Poker is offering a bonus of 40 Sweep Coins when you purchase 200,000 Gold Coins for just $20!

The FantasyPros Poker Invitational costs 11 Sweep Coins to enter, so make sure you’re purchasing at least that amount.2) Switch your currency viewClick refresh after you’ve completed your purchaseSwitch your currency from “Gold Coins” to “Sweep Coins”

Because only Sweep Coins can be redeemed for cash prizes, you’ll want to switch from your default currency view of Gold Coins to Sweep Coins, which you’ll use to enter the FantasyPros Poker Invitational.

Just look for the button in the top right corner (as shown below), and click “Switch to SC.”

3) Enter the FantasyPros Poker InvitationalClick “Tournaments”Search for the FantasyPros Poker Invitational by name.Enter the password “fp2020”

That’s all! You’re now ready to steal every last chip from one of our beloved fantasy experts – and win a boatload of coins you can convert into cash prizes! Sign up for Global Poker, register for the FantasyPros Poker Invitational and get ready to make history!

Here’s a video walking you through each of the steps:

Want more details on the FantasyPros Poker Invitational? Here you go:

Date and time: Thursday, June 25th at 8:00 p.M. ET

Buy-in: 11 SC

Rebuy: 1 rebuy during the first hour. A rebuy costs 10 SC

Add on: 1 add-on after the first hour. An add-on costs 10 SC

Bounty list:Mike Tagliere: (MikeTagliere)Bobby Sylvester: (BobbyFantasyPro)Dan Harris (Danharris80)


Starting stack: 3,000Rebuy: 3,000Add-on: 3,000Blinds Raised: Every 10 minutes

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